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Songwriting as Personal Narrative

Contributed by Taylor Dooley from Wintering. Her EP, Close Enough, is now available on iTunes. Listen to the title track below this article!

Taylor Dooley's Writing Process
Taylor Dooley’s Writing Process

When Brandon first approached me about writing an article on creativity and inspiration, I was really excited until I realized that meant having to welcome people into the inner workings of my mind (even more so than a song usually does). Performing a song for an audience can be nerve-wracking. If you’re lucky enough to have a crowd of active listeners, you know they’re probably dissecting every word. Songwriting, in and of itself, is fairly intimate, so writing an article about such a sacred process is pretty terrifying if you ask me. However, I have decided to be open and honest in the name of “art.”

While I haven’t always been a songwriter, I have always been a writer in some capacity, so there was no distinctive shift when I began seriously writing songs. Poetry and personal narratives were my favorite writing styles, so I saw songwriting as a fusion of the two. Though I can’t say that I’ve ever had a formula, I can say that every song is a personal narrative of sorts and that’s where the ideas are born.

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