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Interview with Andy Barnett: 10 Years of Why They Came and “A Stick Full of Bells”

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Why They Came’s debut LP and look forward to their brand new studio Christmas LP, we sat down with Andy Barnett to reflect on the past and look down the road a bit.

Brandon: How did we meet and what made you decide to release your first LP with Bad Apple Records?

Andy: We must have met at a Castle on a Cloud show but I don’t remember specifically. I do remember convincing you my name was Pete at an open mic in BG many years ago. It’s interesting to note that the drummer and bass player of Castle on a Cloud later became the original drummer and bassist for whytheycame.

As far as our first record, I just remember thinking it was time to make a record and knew you had put out a few records. We loved you guys and the label so we just asked if you would be interested in releasing one with us. Here we are ten years later still pretending to be good at this. Thanks for going along. Continue reading Interview with Andy Barnett: 10 Years of Why They Came and “A Stick Full of Bells”

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Make New Year Resolutions Anytime

Contributed by Old B. Dan (label co-founder and frontman for All Around the Dinner Table). His new LP, From the Mouths of Shepherds, is now available.

Brandon engineering Sempervivi's "Artifacts" EP.
Engineering Sempervivi’s Artifacts EP

Every January 1st, without fail, at least one friend of mine will post a lyric from Death Cab for Cutie’s “The New Year.” This year it was Josiah from Why They Came. Some say there isn’t anything special about the midnight hour on December 31st, that it’s just another day. But most people find it helpful, even healthy, to mark the passing of time with an occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or New Year.

It’s true, you can make a resolution anytime. Need to lose weight? Start tomorrow, if not today (even if it’s July). Don’t start a diet; change your lifestyle. You can’t cheat lasting results. Bad habits must be dropped for good, but you don’t have to beat yourself up when you slip up now and then. The same is true for nearly any lasting change you want to make. This includes career goals, increase and/or improved quality time with your family, or better use of your time to allow for more creative outlets. Any of these require intentional, permanent changes. If you think you just can’t get around to it right now, then you should probably question how important it really is to you.  Continue reading Make New Year Resolutions Anytime