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Online Listening Party: Christmas at the Camp (Live Discussion in Comments)

Welcome to our first official online listening party!

We will be live with Jon and Zack from Re-Education Camp in the comment thread until 8 PM (Central Standard Time). Listen to the EP straight through using the SoundCloud player below, and chime in with your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. Ask about the production or behind the scene elements, influences, songwriting, your favorite track, or anything you want to talk about. We’ll try and stay live until every question is answered.

If you’d like to support the guys as they continue production on their next full length LP, Challenge the League (due early 2017), then consider purchasing a copy of their debut LP, PsyOp’s Boombox LP, or the Christmas at the Camp EP in our online store.

UPDATE: The live discussion is over, but we’ll leave the tracks up for a bit longer in case anyone arrives late to the party. Feel free to still leave a comment, and we’ll try to reply to them later. Thanks again for making it a fun night!

Re-Education Camp “Christmas at the Camp” EP by Bad Apple Records


88 thoughts on “Online Listening Party: Christmas at the Camp (Live Discussion in Comments)

  1. We’re live! Ask away…

    1. December 21st?! Are we in the future??

      1. The future is now

      2. Honestly no idea why it’s showing that date… Maybe we ARE in the future? lol

        1. We have that effect on people

  2. Mic check, mic check. Yep, this thing works.
    WHAT’S UP Y’ALL! Listen away and enjoy.
    Let us know what you think as you go through the tracks, ask questions, give us free music lessons, whatever.

  3. We were “lucky” to have the Grammy nominated Aerobic-Pop duo, D’Awesome, show up uninvited at our studio one night. Let us know whether we should send them a thank you note or a restraining order.

    1. Why not both?

    1. I’d like to announce that I’ve reached an agreement to produce D’Awesome’s debut full length on Bad Apple, dropping sometime in the next 32 years.

      1. Or tomorrow in the comments thread? #meta

      2. Wow, that’s incredible! They have a catalog of about 300 songs (all the same drum beat), so maybe you can do some remixes.

      3. Oh we can DEFINITELY make that happen

        1. You mean “they”

  4. So, what possessed you guys to produce a Christmas EP? You don’t typically hear hip hop Christmas tunes…

    1. Zack’s fault. We were rabble roused by whytheycame’s EP series.

    2. I love Christmas music, and I thought that Jon and I could produce a unique and fun Christmas EP. Once it was in Jon’s hands I knew it’d be great

  5. FUN FACTOID #1: The guitarist on “O Holy Night” is our man Derek from Sempervivi and formally from Brick House Blend (a five person band consisting of Derek, me, Zack and two others). Check out his upcoming EP “Always Alive” in 2017!

    1. For the record, O Holy Night is my grandmother’s favorite track on the album

    2. “Formally” and formerly of BHB.

      Wish I could find that pic where I Photoshopped us all in tuxedos and Ande in a fancy dress.

      1. Oops! Typo. Yeah, that farewell show at Cosmic Charlie’s was a blast! I’ll see if I can dig up that picture.

  6. What inspired the lyrical content associated with the Xmas tunes you paired them with?

    1. Appreciate the question! I don’t like straight covers, and hip-hop versions of songs that were originally sung are absolute nightmares. So, I wanted to do something that fit the song, fit the genre, and fit our mission, too. So, “Three Kings” for example ended up being a social commentary on the three biggest power players in our culture: business, science/tech, and the military, and it’s sort of a “what if” scenario of all three having a sort of spiritual awakening. So, very different from the original content, but keeping some of the melodic elements of the original.

      1. FUN FACTOID #2: Josiah ^^^^ and whytheycame have FIVE Christmas EPs out, AND they just released their powerhouse LP “Holy War Hymnal,” which is completely ridiculous. A MUST HEAR!

      2. Three Kings and Chess Moves are my favorites by far. They are great tunes even against your non-Christmas material. – Brandon

        1. There’s more good stuff coming on Challenge the League. I think people are really gonna dig it

          1. Same on 3 Kings and Chess Moves. They’re wiggity wack (December 21st is Opposites Day).

        2. Video possibilities…?

  7. QUESTION FOR THE CAMP: Any guesses of how many “people” joined in on the party at the end of “For the Faithful”?

      1. I’ll have to defer to Z for the actual answer on that one. I think it’s at least 15, including Mr. Zack the loudspeaker man, both members of D’Awesome, and “Cougar Lady”

        1. Who is Cougar Lady? lol

          1. Leigh Ann transformed into Cougar Lady right before our eyes. I wish we could isolate her vocals. Maybe Cougar Lady’s vocals will make a guest appearance on another track in the future.

          2. That was Leigh Ann having some fun

        2. The actual number is 11, which includes Cougar Lady, and a very angry Mr. Zack as well as a second appearance by D’Awesome

          1. Can’t un-hear D’Awesome in this song now… thanks?

  8. Loving what I hear so far!!!!!!!

    1. Awesome to have you with us tonight!

    2. Awww shucks! Thank ya!

  9. Marty! You have to go back with me! Back to the future!!

    1. This comments thread IS the future!!!

    2. I got Doc’s name AND his hair right now. Needin’ a holiday haircut.

    3. Still have never seen that movie

      1. WHHHHAAAAAT?! Man, I got you on “Ferris Bueller” and now I gotta get you on this one, too.

      2. You’ve never seen BACK TO THE FUTURE?!? Z…

        1. I have had many opportunities. But its almost become one of those things where its been so long, I just kinda wanna keep it going

          1. I almost marked this comment as spam…

          2. Derek actually loaned me the movie way back and i held onto it for about a year and just never got around to it.

    4. I really like the Christmas Album! Chess Moves might be enhanced w/ a bit of French Horn. I am available for a cameo at any time

      1. AHHH! You’re on!

  10. FUN FACTOID #3: Leigh Ann Napier, who blessed us with her vocals on “For the Faithful” (singing and also as Cougar Lady at the end) will also be on our upcoming LP “Challenge the League” on a song called “The Turnaround.” Not to be confused with “Turn Around Bright Eyes.”

    1. What is your relationship with Leigh? How did she come to be in this project?

      1. Leigh ANN (lol) is a friend of my wife, Kelly, and she also works with Kelly at iBloom. That’s Kelly’s company, which helps women build businesses (mostly online) while achieving balance in their lives. Leigh Ann is walkin’ sunshine! She’s a lot of fun!

      2. I am friends with her from church. She sings there. I know she’s also friends with Jon and works with his wife, Kelly. She’s awesome, and is always willing to jump in. We actually had her record for the upcoming LP and when the idea came up for this EP, we had to have her on again.

  11. What are some of the samples used in the chorus to Chess Moves? How do you choose them?

    1. I accessed a bunch of acapellas from 90’s rap tunes and listen through them for good lines to sample. I then go through this library of lines and look for ones that match the theme and/or rhyme. “Chess Moves” includes sampled vocals from some of hip-hop’s greats, including Nas, Inspektah Deck (of Wu Tang), GURU (from Gangstarr), Q-Tip (from Tribe Called Quest), and Son Doobie (of Funkdoobiest). All inspirations of mine.

  12. Totally done dig the EP. Great work dudes.
    Also, thanks for the whytheycame shout out. I’m glad you guys enjoy what we’ve created.

    1. Love the new christmas EP, especially One More Sleep till Christmas. So cool hearing that song.

      And Holy War Hymnal was honestly one of my top two or three albums of the year. You guys absolutely killed it.

    2. Thank ya sir! Man, we’re so in love with “Holy War Hymnal.” The song “Blood on My Hands” is my favorite, and the opener and closer combination for the album is one of the best I’ve heard.

  13. FUN FACTOID #4: Happy Bday to Doc’s Mama!

  14. There are SO many fun facts I could go into with Holy War Hymnal and the new Holiday Special. I wish I had hours to discuss. Lol

    1. Maybe we’ll try more events like this and give you the space to share with us!

    2. Yeah, we need to do one of these with you guys.

  15. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the production on this album really reminds me of the very first Supertones LP. In a good way. Makes me feel nostalgic for no real reason. And happy. – Brandon

    1. Happy to help

    2. “To the Faithful” also reminds me of Blues Brothers… – Brandon

      1. We gotta go talk to da penguin

  16. Especially pertaining to Blood on my hands and one more sleep till Christmas

  17. Also, why am I the only dingus on here with no picture by his name?

    1. No idea?

    2. it adds to your mystique

      1. ^^^

  18. FUN FACTOID #5: The sample at the end of “Holiday DJ” is from an actual commercial for WRIF, which is a classic rock station in Detroit. The “BAYBAY!” was from one of The RIF’s most famous DJs, Arthur Penhallow.

    1. Nice!

  19. SPECIAL REC ANNOUNCEMENT: I literally just heard that “Three Kings” will be featured on a Lexington Hip-Hop album, which will also include others from the area. Now that’s D’Awesome!

    1. Awesome! Keep us posted and we’ll spread the word…

    2. It’s a Lexington CHRISTMAS hip hop album, I should say.

  20. I’m like the guy being interviewed on television with his face shadowed and his voice distorted.

    1. I just picture the History Channel “ALIENS!” guy

      1. ha

  21. DONG DONG! Party’s over. Everybody get out!

    Nah, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who stopped by. This was a lot of fun. Please let me know if you’d like a copy sent to you and I’ll be happy to get one to ya!

    Stay tuned for “Challenge the League” coming in May 2017!!!!

    1. Seconded. This was a lot of fun. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did making it

      1. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t sleep here… on the internet?

        1. Does anyone need me to call “Safe Rides”?

  22. THREE KINGS was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry I missed the live part, I was putting some kids to bed) I also really liked Little Drummer Boy! This is such a great and unique idea, done with real musicality too! LOVED IT!!!!

  23. Ok, actually Chess Moves might be my favorite!

    1. Much appreciated, Bethany! We’re looking forward to hearing your music soon. We’re already fans. It’s gonna be a great 2017 at Bad Apple!

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