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Online Listening Party: Challenge the League (Live Discussion in Comments)

Welcome to our official online listening party for “Challenge the League” by Re-Education Camp!

We will be live with Jon and Zack from Re-Education Camp in the comment thread from 8 PM until at least 9 PM (Central Standard Time). Listen to the LP straight through using the YouTube playlist here, and chime in with your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. Ask about the production or behind the scene elements, influences, songwriting, your favorite track, or anything you want to talk about. We’ll try and stay live until every question is answered.

If you’d like to support the guys, consider purchasing a copy of Challenge the League or their debut LP, PsyOp’s Boombox. You can get both, and our entire catalog, by supporting us on Patreon for only $3 per month (no obligation, cancel anytime).

Update: If you missed it live, still give it a listen and leave your comment. We’ll reply as quickly as we’re able. Enjoy!

63 thoughts on “Online Listening Party: Challenge the League (Live Discussion in Comments)

  1. HEEEEEEYYYY CAMPERS! Welcome everyone to our second party. We hope you have fun listening to the album and post your comments and questions below. I’ve set it up so you can comment about specific songs, or just in general, so check out those threads below. In the meantime, enjoy!

  2. Let us know what you thought about the intro Advertisement here…

    1. What gave you guys the idea behind the kayfabe behind these skits. They appear on both albums, the Christmas EP, and the EP you produced for RMLLW2LLZ. Which skit was the most fun?

      1. They’re all fun to do. Just really giving everyone a feel for “the camp”. I think I had the most fun on this one. I haven’t laughed as hard as i did when we were putting that together

      2. The one we did on NuGrowf will always stick out because we had to act it out on stage! We have a lot of fun with all of these, really. Most of the albums I listened to growing up always cut the monotony of songs by having some comic relief skits in there.

        1. Seeing that live was so fun! Zack knocked out Romell and drug hi to the chair and then the skit began with the doctor character. The crowd was like, “What?” I remember someone yelled at Zack, “Hey, black lives matter!” Which got a pop from the crowd. lol

  3. Let us know what you thought about “Groundling’s Pit” and “Challenge the League” here…

    1. This is probably Brandon’s favorite track from the LP. We talked a little about the inspiration behind it on the podcast, but recap a little here for anyone who might have missed it.

      1. “Groundling’s Pit” was inspired by bad art. Z was talking one day about how he saw a trailer for the movie “Machete,” and wondered what kind of person would see that. It got me thinking about the old Shakespeare theater, where the people with not so good taste were in the pit of the theater. I pretty much just ran with Z’s whole concept here and let the whole entertainment industry have it. There are some not-too-subtle digs at some of the fake hip-hoppers out there.

    2. My kids are dancing around to this song right now!!! I like this song!!

      1. Fun fact: “Challenge the League” is the only song from this album that was played at a wedding.

        1. Yeah, you’re going to have to say more… haha

          1. Oh I definitely snuck it onto the wedding playlist for my sisters wedding last weekend. Got some great feedback too. It was pretty great.

          2. Dang, I was hoping for a live performance! One day…

    3. Is “Challenge the League” about making indie music? Political insurgency? Individualism?

      1. It applies to several different things, be it music industry, politics, etc. It’s about challenging the authority

      2. The whole concept is to challenge the people who benefit by the status quo, so it’s a broad stroke. A lot of it is targeted at my own genre (or posers in it), but we take on a lot here!

  4. Let us know what you thought about “Brain Food (feat. WIP and REAL tha Poet)” and “Lesson 5: Survival” here…

    1. Wondering why we start at Lesson 5? Wonder what happened to Lessons 1-4? Check out “PsyOp’s Boombox” for the answer. Lesson 4 even has a video!

    2. We were lucky to snag WIP and REAL so quickly on “Brain Food,” and we’re looking forward to shooting a video for this song. Both MCs live in Lexington, and are consistently putting out high quality music. Check them out!

      1. Can’t wait to see them in the video! They both did such a great job on the track…

    3. Where did the “It’s Learning Time” clips come from?

      1. Courtesy of Mrs. Teapot. When you’ve done beat production in hip-hop long enough, you develop an ear for whether or not something could go into a song. You’ll take any and all things from your environment and stick it into something. Our first album had clips from GI Joe and Big Lebowski in it. This one has Joe Cabot and Mrs. Teapot.

  5. Let us know what you thought about the “Joe the Manager” skits here…

    1. Is Joe as nice in real life as he seems on the album?

      1. Oh he’s exactly like he sounds in the tracks….

      2. His lack of niceness is legit.

  6. Let us know what you thought about “7 O’Clock,” “For All Intensive Purposes,” and “Lesson 6: Bumblebee Boogie” here…

    1. “7 O’Clock” is one of the only raps in 7/8 time signature out there. Very rare. The last one I did like this was about 20 years ago with an experimental rock group called “Poignant Plecostomus.” The song was called “Nuge 29.”

    2. Recap a little from the podcast about 7 O’Clock. Also, tell us a little about Bumblee Boogie and Carl’s cameo on drums.

      1. “7 O’Clock” is about a workaholic, whose life is ruled by 7’s. The odd time signature is to create the sense of imbalance. My parents also turned me on to Dave Brubeck, who worked in a lot of different time signatures. Poignant Plecostomus also did a lot of crazy time signatures. It’s fun to change it up a bit, but only when the song demands it.

    3. Fun fact: “Bumblebee Boogie” features Carl Wilson on drums, who was the drummer in the band Brick House Blend. That band also had me, Zack, and Derek Price of Sempervivi in it. We had a lot of fun in that band, too!

      1. “Lesson 6: Bumblebee Boogie” is a tribute to my angel daughter, Hannah, who was stillborn in 2014. We’ve created a fund in her honor to bless others in need, and it’s symbolized by a bumblebee. This song is the party I imagined the bees throwing for her at her heavenly arrival.

  7. Let us know what you thought about “Wisdom Teeth (feat. Rmllw2llz),” “Acoustic Leviathan (feat. Skeets),” and “Lesson 7: Quality” here…

    1. To answer your question, it’s “Romell with 2 ll’s.” Same cat we did NuGrowf with last year. This song will also be turned into a video later this year. Check out his impressive catalog, his latest video, and his radio show on Tuesday nights called I and Eye Radio!

      1. Dude is smooth as they come…

    2. Zach “Skeets” Streeter did the solo at the end of Acoustic Leviathan COMPLETELY BLIND to it! He just ripped it off the cuff. No rehearsal. Crazy!

      1. Sounds great!

    3. “Acoustic Leviathan” features a new style I call “half-off.” For each stanza of 8 lines, I made sure to rhyme at the 4.5 beat, then 4, then 3.5, then 3, etc. The last line of that stanza has a rhyme on the 1 beat, then again at the 4, then I start over again. It was a challenge to myself to see if I could pull it off. Give it a listen again and see if you can catch the “half-off” style.

      1. Math. Damn.

  8. Let us know what you thought about “The Turnaround (feat. Leigh Ann Napier),” “For the Record,” “Lesson 8: Humanity,” and “The Last Clap” here…

    1. Make sure to check out the video for “For the Record,” directed and shot by Ryan Staples!

    2. Leigh Ann was our songbird from the “Christmas at the Camp” EP. She was very excited to get on another track with us, and we were happy to hand off ALL SINGING to her once again.

      1. Hey, you sang a little on the title track! At least, it was something like singing…

        1. Yeah, my kids like to sing along with Daddy on that part.

    3. “The Last Clap” features about 20 guests at the afterparty, including Arnold Schwartzenegger, Drunk Guy, and your favorite aerobic pop rock duo D’Awesome.

      1. What is D’Awesome like in real life? lol

        1. Let’s just say they’re big fans of romphims.

  9. Heard the whole thing? What did you think? Which songs stood out?

  10. My husband was kidnapped by this band and I kind of want him back. Listening to the songs to see if I can piece together clues as to his whereabouts. They demand a hefty ransom.

    1. The camp is a lot like Hotel California.

    2. He might be one of the people yelling in the background on “Last Clap”

  11. Did I miss it?!

    1. Go ahead and listen with the YouTube link and leave a comment anytime!

  12. Thus far “brain food” and “wisdom teeth” are good . I have had Acoustic Leviathan repeating for a while.

    1. Nice!

    2. Appreciate it!

  13. HAHAHAHA!!! You fools! I’ve been a robot this whole time. You fell for it. The “I’m not a robot” system has FAILED! You can take your Turing Test and shove it!


    1. Oh no… it’s Ex Machina all over again!

  14. You can start here

    Then keep going through the songs from there! Feel free to comment here on any songs that you like!

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