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Behind the Video: “Day of Our Reunion” by All Around the Dinner Table

You never really lose the things you love.

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On Easter morning I finally bit my lip and uploaded my first music video. It was a challenge due to my negative self image, but it was time to let it be seen.

I am not a pop star. I am a regular guy. A dad, with a “dad bod” and limited formal acting experience. All that said, I am very proud of this video and thankful to have it. Day of Our Reunion is a very special song for me, and I was anxious about getting it right.

First let me say what a good job Ryan Staples did putting this video together. You have seen his work with videos for Why They Came like Up the Wrong Tree, Echo 3 to Echo 7, and Cowardly Lion as well as So Close by Sempervivi and For the Record by Re-Education Camp. He is great at making something from nothing. Just hang out and drink with your best friends and you’ll walk away with a really fun (and really well made) music video. But, like I said, this song means so much to me, and I have a specific story in mind that I wanted to tell with the video. 

If you don’t know, the entire From the Mouths of Shepherds LP is a concept album that centers around the subject of physical and spiritual abuse in a way that is very personal, not only for me but also for my wife, Sarah. I will not share her story here, as it is hers alone to tell. But I also believe it is a story that is too familiar for many, and often untouched, which is one reason this album was important for me to put together and share.

Reborn and called back…

Fun Fact: The painting featured in this music video was commissioned as an anniversary gift from artist Meagan DeLong, who also painted the album cover for From the Mouths of Shepherds. (click to enlarge)

Day of Our Reunion is the album closer. It’s a look back at life before this abuse. A look at the things that we love through it all. The things that last if you let them. I wanted to tell the story of losing one of the things I loved most, only to see that very thing reborn and call me back to it. Hearing that call, I have to also face the things in my own heart that keep me from walking perfectly with that thing that I love most. Similar to the chorus of Wolf and Sheep from earlier in the album, “Lord, keep my feet from where my heart often ventures…”

I also ascribe to a thought once expressed by my dear friend and label mate, Andy Barnett from Why They Came. Someone once asked him if a certain song was about a certain thing, and his response was “You know what? It probably was.” Meaning that whatever a song means to you is what that song is about. This song is mine, but I offer it to you (for as much or as little as it may be worth) to interpret as your own. Like you would with any song, or painting, or photo… it’s nice to hear the story behind the piece from the artist’s perspective, but ultimately you will interpret this through your own lease of experience.

So, leave a comment here or on YouTube and let me know what you think. What did the song mean to you?

“Day of Our Reunion” by All Around the Dinner Table

You never really lose the things you love. Video directed by Ryan Staples. Get the Album:

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